Roots Composting 

Commercial Compost Service

- Consistent collection service, with clean bins swapped upon pickup.

- Assistance training staff on compost sorting.

- Kitchen workflow analysis for most efficient compost collection, if desired.

- Your business or organization’s name on our website for Green marketing.

Cost of Service:

1  bin    =   $7.50 per bin
2 bins   =  $6.00 per bin
3+ bins =  $5.00 per bin

Don't Know if You Produce Enough Waste?
Contact us to discuss the different service 
options in greater detail. We work with all business 
schedules, kitchen designs, staff training, and gauging 
collection amounts. Plus, a consultation is FREE! 

We want to customize our service to your needs.

For more information, or to sign up: Call Matt 414.248.6874

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