Roots Composting 

Who We Are!

Roots Composting is an employee owned company working to 

revolutionize the waste-stream in Flagstaff, Arizona. 

Our mission is to provide the Flagstaff community with a high quality source of local compost to both extend landfill life and support regional agriculture, while shifting thought and behavior around the concept of "waste."

Roots Composting is proud to be part of the growing trend towards sustainable foods, sustainable waste management, sustainable communities, and sustainable economics.

Our Philosophy!

The founders of Roots Composting believe that "waste" is more than just something to be disposed of; instead of simply throwing away our organic waste materials, they can be transformed into fertile soil amendments with a wide array of community benefits throughout the process. Our business is about much more than just making profit from otherwise wasted materials. Instead, we focus on cooperatively and collaboratively working with a variety of partners, customers, and clients to creatively find a diversity of value in discarded fruit and vegetable scraps, landscaping byproducts, various animal manures, and other decomposable materials.


Using methods backed by years of research and operating experience, we transform these items from waste into a range of soil amendment products including various compost blends and mulches. Our products support local agriculture and community beautification through community gardens, backyard gardeners, landscapers, greenhouses, and small to mid scale farmers.


Much of the philosophy of Roots Composting is based on the concept of "Balance." Just as the creation of a successful compost pile requires A careful balance of carbon and nitrogen, moisture and oxygen, the creation of a business like Roots requires several types of balance.


We venture to balance business with community connection - Roots is deeply embedded in the Flagstaff community and strives to work closely with community partners to ensure that our actions support both economic development and soil development, food production and job creation.


We strive to balance economics with sustainability - Roots actively integrates economic practices with sustainability practices, bringing these all too often separate spheres together into one.


We aim to balance local with global - Roots combines global best-practices for industrial-scale composting with locally researched methods designed to fit both the environmental, social, and economic factors of the Flagstaff area.

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